Puppy Plans 

We have started litter plans for 2023  

Its all in the timing!!  

We have decided to breed Smooch this coming summer, if things time well to other plans.  The boy is yet to be determined but trust us that he will be a talented fella.  Smooch has produced size and substance in her first two litters, with very nice structure.  Her pups are showing great drive in the field, agility and obedience.  They are inheriting her sweet, loving temperament, that everyone loves so much.  

 If all goes as Mother Nature dictates we may breed Tilly towards the end of 2023 and Ruby as well.  Tilly will produce fantastic hunting, working prospects and definitely be more for the performance home.  Ruby will produce beautiful show quality Tollers and excellent family dogs.  

We are looking for quality homes that want a Toller breeder that will provide life long support.  We need people willing to stay in regular contact with us for the life of their dog, by sharing pictures, success stories, health issues etc.  If you are not interested in this type of commitment you need not apply.

We are Herb and Krista Wendland, currently residing in beautiful Maple Bay, British Columbia.

In 1993 we brought a little red fluff ball home from Tollbreton Kennels.  We named her Io, after Jupiter's moon.  Little did we know the road that little dog would take us down.

Io was full of energy, a typical Toller.  It soon became evident this girl needed a job, so we were introduced to a sport called Flyball.  From there we started experiencing the world of dog sports and our path took us to adding another Toller into our lives.  Pike, was our first venture into conformation, field, obedience etc etc and dog breeding.  We decided we were in love with this breed and our commitment to bringing more wonderful Tollers into the world began.

We brought Mia home from Jagador Kennels, in 2001 and she became our foundation female, followed by her granddaughter Leeloo.  We successfully bred five beautiful litters and then decided to take a break from breeding our own girls.  We decided on having a male again.  Going across the Atlantic, this time to Alba Nuadh Kennels in The Netherlands, hoping to bring some new genes to the Westcoast Toller scene. 

Well much to our delight, Colt turned into an absolutely wonderful addition and we couldnt be happier.  So much so that we decided, now that we are retired to go back into the whelping room and bring the next generation of Rainkist pups into the world.  

 Now on to the next part of our journey in Tollers...