Future Plans at Rainkist

 Plans are underway to breed Smooch this summer, 2023, if Mother Nature cooperates.  If you are interested in a hunting, agility, show, field or other dog sport prospect please email us.  rainkist@telus.net for more information.   Check back soon for updates!!  

*Important, if you submit an application to us, please follow-up every few months.  We get a huge amount of inquiries and by no means can we follow them up.  If we do not hear back from you, that you are still interested, we will delete your form.  


Please contact us before filling out.

You live in:

Is yard fenced?

Puppy questions

What do you plan to do with your Toller?

Are you on other breeder waiting lists

Breeder Questions

Are you willing to follow the breeder's recommendation of limited vaccines, ie parvo/distemper

Are you willing to take a minimum of 3 sets of obedience classes?

Many breeders are happy to just sell you a pup and not be in contact with their buyers. We are not that type of breeder. We pride ourselves in keeping wonderful relationships with our puppy people,by email, phone, visits, lots of picture sharing. We want to maintain open communication with our homes. This is extremely important to us. If you are not willing to continue with a life long relationship, we are not the type of breeders for you.

Are you willing to share pictures, contact us for training advice, health advice for the life of your Toller?

It is part of our contract that if under any circumstance that you can no longer keep your dog, that we must be notified first before any other arrangements for the dog are made. Are you OK with this?

Do you have a preference to sex of the pup?

Are you aware of health issues associated with the breed?

Would you like more information at this time?

Would you consider a co-ownership? In order to provide the best of training, care and attention to thieir own dogs, breeders seek people willing to keep their pups intact(not spayed or neutered) to keep their breeding program diverse and healthy.