In Memory of our dear friends.....gone but never forgotten......

The most difficult part of bringing a pet into our lives is that one day, far too soon, we have to say good-bye.  

In Memory

Tollbreton Ruby FM Ïo"

Io, our first Toller, was born in 1993 at Tollbreton Kennels.  We named her after Jupiter's red moon, Io.   She was a tenacious, happy girl, who's mission in life was to have all humans be her throwing slaves.  She was typical Toller, a bit standoffish, super temperament, good with all people and animals and of course a retrieving machine.   She lived 16 and 1/2 full years.   We thank Io for introducing us to the breed that has since been a huge part of our lives.

Ch Ruaview's Tollbreton Bay Bye, RN CD JH WCX ONYX AADC MJDC "Pike"

Pike was born in 1997 at Ruaview Kennels in Calgary, Alberta.    

He was the first dog we competed with in  show, obedience, rally, agility and did field work with.  Proving the true versatility of this breed.  He was our first Dobirstein recipient, which is given to a Toller, with a conformation championship, a companion dog title and a field title.  We are proud to have kept up to that standard and have since completed this on all our Tollers. 

Pike was a loyal companion, always at our side.  So many firsts were with Pike and the memories traveling with him and meeting so many new friends along the way are forever in our hearts.  He was a super dog and greatly missed to this day. 

Pike sired 2 litters.

Ch Jagador's Rainkist Nomia RA CD JH WCX FDX ADC Am WC "Mia"

Mia was born in 2001, at Jagador Kennels in Saskatoon.   She was a half sister to Pike from the same wonderful dam, Dory.  

Her mantra was Joie De Vivre, living 16 full years, happy and always the clown.  In love with everyone she met along the way as they would give her the attention she loved to soak up.  It was all about Mia.

 She was our introduction to breeding and gave us 3 beautiful litters.   She passed on her love of life and her clown attitude.   Not a day went by that Mia did not make you laugh and happily we still see that in generations of her offspring.

A big part of our hearts left with this happy soul and we are forever grateful for all she gave us.  She is greatly missed, just not the same without our Shmoo.

Ch Rainkist's Fourth Element CGN RE CD WCX JH AKD RN CD US NSDTR CLUB WC" Leeloo"

This picture is the essence of Leeloo. 

Leeloo was a granddaughter of our Mia. 

She was a high drive, birdy girl but also one of the sweetest Tollers we have had.  She brought us so much joy, with her strong and true Toller spirit.

We were fortunate to have 2 litters of puppies from Leeloo.  They carry on her strong spirit and make it easier to manage her loss.  She was taken from us too soon, we thought we had more years of our crazy girl.

We will never forget her little trills when happy and the morning ear washes.