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Tollers have been part of our lives since 1993.   We are very passionate about this breed and have made it our commitment to preserve the original qualities of the breed by preserving the true temperament of the Toller.   We strive to select breeding pairs that are good representations of the breed, by their success in the conformation ring as well as proven working dogs.  Be they hunters or performance dogs.

Our adults have always been actively trained and proven in field sports as well as additional types of dog sports.  

Why is it important to prove our dogs can work?  

Simply, they are not all created equal.  Not all breeders spend the hours we do working their dogs outside the home.  If we do not spend time training and working with our own dogs, how can we determine the strength and weaknesses in proper temperament?  Its critical for us to know, in order to work to improve on the puppies we produce.  We want to preserve the proper qualities of the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, that make this a fantastic dog for the family pet/hunting/working companion.   They should be a dog that is easy to live with, has the proper drive to hunt and intelligence/biddability to work.  This does not come by simply breeding Dog A to Dog B.    

We are extremely selective of the dogs we use in our breeding program and our goal is always to produce quality over quantity.  We breed for the whole dog, we do not breed to one genetic test or to certain physical traits.  Its mind, health and structure to be able to perform. 

Our selection critieria for a breeding pair:

  •  breeding to the Canadian Kennel Club breed standard for the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, with the goal of improving on the structure of our own dog.

  •  require health clearances/genetic test results of both parents(OFA hips/elbows, heart, PRA, CEA, JADD, CP, CLPS,DM,DE, CDDY)   We also thoroughly research the pedigree of both parents and try to not double up on any health issues in the ancestors, to the best of our ability.  We want our pups to be given the best chance at a long, healthy life.

  • temperament and working ability.  We ensure we meet the dogs we plan to use to know for ourselves that their temperament is what we want.  We seek pedigrees of known working and show quality lines to maintain our goal of top quality Tollers, that can succeed in the showring as well as be mentally and structurally great working companions.  

Its not easy, our bar is set pretty high but its our standard here at Rainkist.  We dont price our puppies higher than other breeders but we look for homes that respect our passion to maintain the qualities of the breed, so preference does go to homes seeking to show and/or do performance sports with their Toller.  Pet homes are still available to those that are willing to stay in regular contact with us and possibly consider working with their Toller.   Trust us, a well trained Toller is a fantastic addition to your home.  

Krista is currently a member of the Canadian Kennel Club, NSDTR Club of Canada, Pacific Rim Hunting Retriever Club, Salt Chuck Hunting Retriever Club, Vancouver Island Retriever Club and Cowichan Dog Obedience Training Club.  As well Krista is a recognized CKC hunt test and WC test judge.

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